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    Learn to teach

    Street Dance

    Your Street Dance Teacher Training Course

    Learn to Teach Street Dance & Get Qualified!

    You may be surprised to know that up until now, there has been no recognised, government accredited, authentic Street Dance Teacher Training programme……..but now, you are invited to become one of the world’s first qualified Street Dance Instructors!
    We have a team of world class dance instructors ready to share with you the most important Street Dance moves only 5% of teachers know.

    “Spend 10 days with the Street Dance experts and change your life to ensure you achieve the financial freedom you desire and gain the world’s first government accredited authentic Street Dance Teacher Training qualification”

    This course is for you if:

    • You love Street Dance and want to share it with others
    • You’re not really sure of the exact difference between Hip Hop and?Street Dance?
    • You want to enrich your life, earning great money doing something you love
    • You want to earn between £25 - £60 per hour?teaching for a dance school or college, or you want to start -up?your own class and earn up to £240 per hour
    • You would love a career that gives you the opportunity of?doing what you enjoy the most
    • You want a career where you have fun every day
    • You currently go to Street Dance classes and wish you could be earning your living?teaching?the class, instead of doing it?
    • You currently teach other styles, but want to keep up with the current trends
    • You would like to have your dream career
    • You want to make sure you give the best to your students
    • You aren’t sure of the whole history of Street Dance, where it’s from and its foundation steps

    If you feel you could benefit from any of the above, and you would like to be at the cutting edge of a Street Dance style taking the world by storm, then come down to our Free Seminar and find out more and?learn some invaluable skills.

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